A king went astray and reached a desert, there

A king went astray in a desert, there was a hut. The person living in the hut did a great service to the king. The poor did not even know that he was a king. He served as a traveler. The king was very happy. When he left, he removed the ring with his finger and said: You do not know that I am king. Keep this ring with you, whenever there is a need to come to our palace, to show the door to the doorman, we will In any case, he will meet us. The king is gone, after a few days he has no need,


then he goes to the village, Upon arriving at L’s door, he said to meet the king. From the top to the bottom, he saw what his time was to meet the king. The villager then showed that ring, now when he saw it, eyes were bursting, this king’s seal ring to you? The king’s order was that the ring would come out to us in whatever condition we were in. So the doorkeeper accompanied him to the king’s special room. The door was open. Raising his hand for her, he looked back, then he returned from there and started outside the palace. The Durban said,


“Look, I am not going to meet now, it is done.” Going back now, a little distressed, when the king is finished, the Durban said: Such a man had come here, then he returned. The king said, ‘Come back immediately, he is our guardian.’ Gone? He said, “King Salaam! The fact is that you said that if there is a need,


we will meet the need. I came when the need came and saw that you too were asking for someone. I thought the king was asking why I should ask him.
This is the thing that we need whenever we need to grow up. The only question that should be asked is that it is a door where there is a demand.

Ask for what you want – 1 richer
This is not the question Hebron asked

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