Top 10 Facts about Ayeza Khan | Pakistani Actress #Ayezakhan | ayeza khan age

Top 10 Facts about Ayeza Khan | Pakistani Actress #Ayezakhan | ayeza khan age

Hello, viewers Welcome to the website. The audience is a famous and well-known actress Who doesn’t know Ayesha Khan? Ayesha Khan is the best in Pakistan Considered the most successful actress Is. Such about Ayeza Khan Here are ten amazing facts This you have never heard before I will tell you today’s Play regular video Let’s start.

Fact number one Viewers of Pakistan’s famous and well-known Actor Ayesha Khan’s real name Kunza Khan. Of Ayesha Khan Born in January  Held in Karachi, Pakistan. Ayeza Khan‘s father’s name is Raza Diamond and his mother’s name is Fauzia Khan is.

Fact number two viewers  Ayeza Khan has two brothers The names are Wasif Khan and Ehsan Khan. And the name of Aiza’s younger sister Haba Khan.

Fact number three. Viewers  Ayeza Khan on August  Pakistan’s hand in fourteen thousand Seaman Timur with wisdom got married. Fair of both It lasted for eight years after which Eventually they got married Ayesha Khan after a full year She gave birth to a daughter in  Whose name was Haran Fatima.

Fact number four viewers two thousand At seventeen, Allah gave  Ayeza Khan Son-in-law Sports Institute of Communication number five

number six. To your family Not good enough to wear with the times Think. And that’s a lot of thought She has her own children and her own Of the husband. While the fun is here Even  Ayeza Khan did her own thing Also CCTV camera at home Is installed. The purpose of which is to To keep an eye on your children.

Fact Number Seven Viewers  Ayeza Khan Said in an interview He does not cry in front of most people That’s why dramas and movies have a lot of problems with them have to do it. Audience Yes I started my day at six o’clock And at seven o’clock Breakfast and lunch for the children Also produce. Viewers when Asked actress Ayeza Khan Who is your favourite actor? If so, they told Imran Abbas چنا.

Fact Number Eight Viewers Ayeza Khan’s religion is Islam Ayeza Khan And the wisdom of Timur his daughter Accompanied have also performed Umrah. While the audience his famous dramas Yellow weather, imperfect woman, dear Afzal Who drank you love someone hated you Keep the moon and you are with me included?

Fact number nine viewers Actress Ayeza Khan is so far She has acted in dramas. While I have his previous plays They are very popular with you. And this is a successful drama for them Proved. And from which their Fact further increased in popularity

Number Ten Audience Actress So. Actress Ayeza Khan has so far acted in two telefilms Have done. And in whose name Cocoa and They include attribute flowers. The drama for the audience  Ayeza Khan The turning point proved to be dear Was preferable. By the way,  Ayeza Khan is many Be nominated for a bar award show But for dear Afzal Best Television Actress, The awards have made their name. Audience famous actress Ayeza Khan Express your opinion about Please comment book.


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