Battery Charging Photo

The Battery Charging Photo app will provide you with an attractive charging screen to detect the battery level with a beautiful wave indicator in your photo when charging on the phone.

You can trim, customize and adjust your image specifically for screen charging, which is the default according to your screen size.

How to configure battery charging photos
Camera Select your photo from the camera or gallery and organize it
Add a nice sticker to your photo.
Add beautiful filters to your photo.
Adjust the text of your choice, the color text and font style or the shadow of your choice. You can also customize the text to your liking.
Add more stickers and place them in the photo whenever you want it to look great.
You can easily change the wave indicator such as wave waves, ripples and ripples.
When your charging screen is ready, turn it on to charge your phone and you will see a beautiful charging screen.

The charging screen will show the battery level and hit it with magic waves. ♥

You can store many custom photos and use the photo as a charging feature.


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