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Can’t access some sites or programs? Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. Do you want to be anonymous and avoid security by hackers? Work on a VPN – it’s a great solution for you!

Public WiFi is not secure. Anything you send or receive on public Wi-Fi devices can be blocked, which means that your personal information, such as confidential information, photos, request information and other personal information, may be compromised by hackers.

Work on a VPN automatically converts public Wi-Fi to private Wi-Fi. Your security, privacy and personal information will be protected from hackers, identity theft and other malicious activities when we become aware of the public WiFi network.

Touch VPN is backed by one of the most trusted, security and service providers – Hotspot Shield.

Key Features of Touch VPN:

✓ Free: 100% free. Credit card information is not required. No attempt.
Unlimited: Actually unlimited. No lesson, no speed or too much speed.
. Easy: open the world using just the “Connect” button.
Secure: thanks to the great SSL secret you will be anonymous and secure.
Support: If you have any ideas or suggestions, email us at



This is a VPN

A VPN means a private network. For example, when connecting a VPN server using Touch VPN – it sets up reliable and hidden security on the server in other countries. Depending on how you store your information, you may not be able to filter it or stop it. For example, if you live in Sweden, connecting to a VPN server in the United States, traffic seems to have come from the United States, not Sweden.







■ Why use a VPN

With a VPN, you can’t just block back-end or controlled borders like Facebook, Pandora and Youtube; Your online privacy and security will be greatly enhanced because you will be on the site completely.

■ VPN vs. Porogisi

Both VPNs and proxies can hide your traffic control profile and change your IP address. However, proxy proxies are entirely browser-based, regardless of whether you are using Chrome, Safari or Firefox, and cannot be connected to the Internet using non-browser technology. Unlike the server proxy, the VPN service hides all traffic and will work with all Internet services. In general, a VPN will give you more freedom, privacy and security over the internet.

■ Why Touch a VPN

Touching a VPN is 100% free, unlimited, secure and easy to use. You can connect to any of the following servers (Sweden, UK, Denmark, France, USA, Netherlands and Canada) to enjoy personal privacy and unlimited freedom online. With Touch VPN you can

Jira Access any website in any country. Change geographical boundaries to open any site! Access sites are blocked or controlled by the state, school, or workplace. Avoid firewalls to stop Facebook, watch YouTube and ignore VoIP limits.

Protect your information from hackers. When connected to a public Wi-Fi hotel, your name, password and special information can be easily compromised. Touching a VPN hides your information and provides security at the bank level to protect you.

⇨ Touch VPN is one click of the VPN proxy service. Touch VPN has only one button. The button connects you to one of the many unknown servers at a faster speed than the prosecutor’s network. When you are not using our apps, we help you store battery packs. We are an unlimited and free VPN!

F Use the Internet anonymously. Avoid spying on your ISP and avoid tracking ads and sites. Touching a VPN changes the IP address, thanks to your online profile and your online activities are not possible in the eyes of companies.



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