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This app is Status Saver for Fani Urdu W Stickers – WhatsApp
There is a huge collection of crazy and funny Urdu chat stickers in Urdu Stickers for WhatsApp. This app contains adorable losers and losers that make your friends and family laugh in your daily social chat.
With Fun Urdu W Stickers – Status Saver for WhatsApp sticker app, you can share Urdu Funny Strikers, Sunnah Wishes, Islamic Stickers, Madani Plus, Imran Khan’s Funny Words, Imran Khan PTI with one click. And every device is powered by full HD graphics. You can send common Urdu words and Urdu fonts to politicians and funny emojis to ease the social conversation.

In the latest update of Fanny Urdu W stickers, we have launched the latest update of various W stickers such as food labels, food stickers include pizza, burgers, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, Indian food, chicken, drinks, including coffee, tea, iced drinks. And much more. Rose stickers, rose stickers consist of bouquets, buckets, flags, dark side, love roses, price roses, red roses, single roses, beautiful roses and much more. 3D Emoji Stickers, 3D Emoji Stickers, Heart Emoji, Broken Heart Emoji, Surprise Emoji, Seed Emoji, Heart Eye Emoji, Embarrassing Emoji, Freeze Emoji, Nerd Emoji, Cake Emoji, Screaming Emoji, Homo Emoji, Hon Contains Eggs and much more. Includes Love Stickers, Love Stickers, Valentine’s Day, Proposal Day, Hug Day, Chocolate Day, Bose Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Love Mood and many more. Funny Stickers Funny Stickers include Anger Humor, Pep the Frog, Sting Memes, Celebrities and YouTubers, Anger Diaries, Twitch Reactions, Emojis, Lilamas, etc.

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After downloading this free emoji app on Vestic Traps, you will find lots of cute and funny stickers. The app includes the following best funny stickers and sticker maker for WhatsApp.

Create your own stickers using free urdu whatsapp sticker maker.


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