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Now you can get XML or PDF backup for almost everything (contacts, selected contact history, call log, sms backup, call log stats, sms stats, tricolor) and you can Backups can be instantly saved in e-mail or Google Drive / Dropbox. Any cloud location / wherever you want. The backup and restore feature is available for SMS text messages and call logs as well as SMS, call logs, contacts and statistics.

App specific features

1- SMS backup and restore / favorite SMS backup in PDF file
E2PDF is a very simple but very productive app that lets you back up your loved one’s SMS messages once and never want to lose them again. You can either restore them or get a backup copy of the PDF file. All you have to do is select the conversation and before backing up the PDF file, an entire conversation will appear on your screen, you will enter the name of the output file and create a backup copy with one click Will go The created backup file can be stored on a local drive or in an email and instantly shared / saved in a cloud location.

So with E2PDF, you can take

* Backup chatting with your friends for fun
* Once backup for your family and loved ones.
* Back up your business conversations with your partners or contractors.
Through this app, the user can also record a backup in PDF format and then use the full conversation later according to the user’s needs.

2- Call record (optional call request received, missed call, date range)
With the Call Log Backup and Restore feature, the user can take a backup copy of the call log and restore it to another device. The backup is configured in XML format which is also readable. With the PDF Backup feature, you can choose to back up incoming, received or missed calls or retrieve the entire call log and you can use it as per your requirements.

2- Specific call log (optional (SMS, call log))
Select any contact and get a PDF backup of the callpad and detailed SMS / SMS chats for your loved ones. The Tricolor Specific Contact Backup feature allows the user to back up calls or SMS to a specific contact. The Truecaller feature is completely free. With the SMS Tracker feature, the user can track the SMS or call log of any contact.

3- Summons statistics
Call statistics allow you to get information about the number of dialed, received, missed, and rejected calls on a daily basis. In addition, you will also find information about the total call duration within the set date range.

4- SMS statistics
With SMS statistics, you will get the total number of messages sent / received during the due date period as well as the number of SMS sent / received on a daily basis.

Cont-Contacts (optional contact name, contact number, email address)
Now you can back up your contacts with dedicated features including contact name, contact number and email address.
Orphan e-mail addresses are those that are stored in your device but are not associated with any direct contact.

Google Backup / Export Contact
To backup / export Google Contacts to PDF, follow these steps
* Go to your contacts
* Select settings
* Select contacts
* Select your Gmail account from the contacts you want to select.
* Return to E2PDF, select “Contact List” and follow the general procedure.
* Google contacts will be exported to PDF and ready to be saved.

PDF is created using a stuck book, so the output file is compatible with almost all popular readers including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Zodo PDF Reader, Samantra, Radia, Preview, Includes Foxt, PDF-Exchange, and more.

The resulting file can be easily shared via email, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth and you can save it directly to Google Drive or Dropbox / iCloud.
“SMS backup and restore” will be available in the next version.
The following E2PDF features are completely free
Tricolor Backup, Google Contacts, SMS, Phone Contact Backup.

E2PDF works well with other SMS tracker apps


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