EDX Android & iOS Application: Courses by Harvard

EDX Android & iOS Application: Courses by Harvard



EDX iphone app



EdX brings you the most manageable online courses from the world’s top universities and institutions to your mobile device, so you’ll learn new jobs anytime, everywhere.
Learn and master the foremost in-demand skills to advance your career with online courses within the fastest-growing fields including computing, data science, engineering, business management, marketing, finance, accounting, math, design, and more.

EdX’s free app for online courses offer you the liberty to find out your way:
Stream online classes in data science, blockchain, python, and more to find out on the go
Download online courses to observe anytime
Question your knowledge with tests and exams as you advance into each course
View course announcements and handouts
Advanced search so you’ll find online courses in any subject from HTML programming to philosophy, history, psychology and more



• computing – Learn to program in Python, C++, Java, R, and more. Master courses in AI, machine learning, big data, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

• Business & Management – Education in accounting, marketing, economics, finance, information technology, entrepreneurship, and also.

• Mathematics – from great school to college-level math courses, study your skills in mathematics, statistics, and algebra.

• Science & Engineering – Best online courses in subjects including biology, chemistry, robotics, construction, and different design fields.

• Language – Learn Spanish, Mandarin, French, English, and even signing.
2000 courses in additional subjects including art, law, politics, history, and more from top educational institutions.



EdX’s online courses are taught with experts and educators from the world’s best universities and institutions. Enhance your knowledge with courses from Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Microsoft, Columbia, Wharton, Oxford, plus 100 other institutions around the world. Try EdX’s courses for free of charge now and luxuriate in the simplest education, when and where you would like it.


EdX may be a nonprofit offering Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to professionals, job seekers, students, teachers, homeschoolers, high school students preparing for school, and anyone looking to enhance skills for professional or continuing education. Anyone who wants an education & loves learning will enjoy taking courses, watching class videos, and gaining in-demand skills during this free learning app.


EDX iphone app Courses by Harvard




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EDX Android app

edX is your trusted platform for online learning and education. Learn new skills from higher education institutions and businesses.
Enrich your knowledge of relevant topics like Global Pandemics, Public Health, and Economic Trends. Join free online classes for high-demand professions like computing and Digital Marketing.

Founded by Harvard University and MIT, edX is home to quite 20 million learners, the bulk of top-ranked universities within the world, and industry-leading companies, offering 2000+ online courses.

Make edX your online classroom. Learn and master the foremost in-demand skills to advance your career with online certificate programs and online courses from top universities within the fastest-growing fields: computing and programming, data science, engineering, business, management, digital marketing, finance, math, design, cybersecurity, empowerment, and more. From data science courses to programming courses, edX has you covered.

Looking for computing courses to find out new skills on the way to code for mobile development in programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and R programming.
Want to find out data science, data analysis, and large data analytics?

Want a web course to review communication, psychology, engineering, information technology, digital marketing, statistics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence?
With over 2000 online courses, we will assist you to gain the knowledge and skills you’re looking for! Learn new skills in your online classroom and get a course certificate.

– Search for anything from R programming to digital marketing. Find many courses in additional subjects including art, law, history, architecture, nutrition, psychology, and more.
– Test your knowledge with quizzes and exams as you progress through each course


Computer science – Learn coding and programming online! If you ever wanted to find out python, java online – or maybe take mobile development courses, now’s your chance. Expand your horizons by taking a C programming or C++ course, or an R programming course to assist you to learn data science. Learn to program with beginner and advanced courses in Python, C++, C#, Java, R programming, JavaScript, Hadoop, etc. Learn online AI, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, network security, information technology, game design, and more. Take CS50 from Harvard, study UX, or enroll in Microsoft courses to find out database courses, Excel, Azure, and more. it’s never too late to find out new skills – search our java courses, python courses, web courses, cybersecurity courses, AI courses, and more.

Business & Management – Courses in accounting, risk management, digital marketing, finance courses, economics, IT, entrepreneurship, operations management, healthcare and public health courses, and more.

Math – High school to the college-level math curriculum, master calculus, statistics, and algebra.

Science & Engineering – Top online courses in biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and various engineering courses including robotics, engineering, engineering, and more.


EDX online courses are taught by experts from the world’s top universities and institutions. Improve your education with online college curricula from Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Microsoft, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Wharton, Oxford, and more. Try our free curriculum now and improve your education. EDX offers English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and French language courses.


EDX Android app Courses by Harvard




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