Flash Alert : Call & Sms

Flash Alert: Alerts and Messages will notify you of flash calls on incoming calls and text messages. The Flash On Call feature is finally available for Android phones.

With this free app you will be able to answer any call and lose important contacts when you can’t hear the phone call.

Main features:

Flash notification on incoming calls.
+ Flashing in SMS message.
+ Notifications in Flash: Viber, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype and WhatsApp.
+ Enter a call to turn off the phone.
+ Silent state for enabling light and disabling coloring.

Best way to use flash alerts?

+ Hospital or sitting or in quiet areas.
+ Do not listen to your phone ring when you are in a noisy area.
+ This app can also help you find your phone in the dark.
+ Helps the people of Kabul.

This application uses your camera to block without leaving the app open at any time, so if you decide you do not want to use your phone’s flashlight, press “Close”.

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