Good news from PM to the tight public from Wapda – وزیراعظم کی طرف سے واپڈا سے تنگ عوام کے لئے خوشخبری

Good news for PM from Wapda

It has often been observed that if one has to install a new meter or if one has bad electricity, Wapda does not come despite repeated calls.
If a compulsive person offers them money, it is done immediately – it is a way of corruption of the Wapda people to not ask the money of the director directly.

Under the special directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Water and Power Minister Omar Ayub Khan has taken steps to relieve the oppression of WAPDA personnel.

If you have any work related to WAPDA, visit the Ministry of Water and Power website and submit your complaint in the Online Complaints Option –

The following options are available for public convenience –

1. Bill complaints
2. Complaint against WAPDAS employee
3. Bad transformer replacement
4. Power theft
5. Over Bills
6. Line error
7. New meter
8. Low voltage
9. Miscellaneous
10. New connection bill letter
11. Installation of new transformer
12. Non-payment of bills
13. Bad meter replacement
14. Repeated tripping
15. No scheduled loadshedding
16. Violation of load-shedding schedule
17. Violation of power saving measures

Each of you must have some of these problems –
So file your complaint now –

Don’t bribe a WAPDA official for a single bribe – they are paid a lot of low salaries and free electricity –
If someone forces you to file a complaint again –

Spread the message like fire in the jungle so that ordinary people can escape the oppression of the Wapda people.


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