Gretel & Hansel Hollywood Movie (2020) review,cast,song & Release date

Gretel & Hansel Hollywood Movie (2020) review,cast,song & Release date


Gretel & Hansel Movie review

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gretel & hansel Movie trailer

Gretel & Hansel Hollywood Movie story

The story is told that it was made a long time ago in the countryside in the fairy tale and it is focusing on a young girl (Sofia Lillis) who tells her younger brother (Sam Leakey). In search of food and work leads to a dark wood, just stumbling upon a nexus of horrible evil.

gretel & hansel Movie Release date

Friends, this gretel & hansel Movie is being released country the (United States) The language is (English) and its release date is (January 31, 2020)

Gretel & Hansel Hollywood Movie cast

Sophia Lillis
as Gretel,
a 16-year old girl and Hansel’s older sister

Sam Leakey
as Hansel,
Gretel’s 8-year old little brother. Leakey is making his acting debut

Charles Babalola
as The Hunter,
a young man

Alice Krige
as Holda
The Witch,
a terrifying and powerful

Jessica De Gouw
as Young Holda
The Witch

Gretel & Hansel Movie Official teaser poster

Directed by
Oz Perkins

Screenplay by
Oz Perkins
Rob Hayes

Produced by
Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
Fred Berger

Based on
Hansel and Gretel
by The Brothers Grimm

Music by
Robin Coudert

Sophia Lillis
Sam Leakey
Charles Babalola
Jessica De Gouw
Alice Krige

Galo Olivares

Production company
Orion Pictures
Automatik Entertainment
Bron Creative

Edited by
Josh Ethier
Julia Wong

Distributed by
United Artists Releasing

Release date
January 31, 2020

Running time
87 minutes

United States


$5 million

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