Haathi Mere Saathi bollywood movie (2020) Reviews, Cast, Songs, trailer ,and Release Date

Haathi Mere Saathi bollywood movie (2020) Reviews, Cast, Songs, trailer ,and Release Date


Haathi Mere Saathi bollywood movie 2020 Review

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Friends who are about to give you information about movie care friends who are reviewing the movie today with friends Haathi Mere Saathi

Haathi Mere Saathi you friends watch this movie both inside and inside 2018 too. This movie was released on December 13, 2017 This movie was released earlier in January 2018

Now that the new movie is about to be released [Elephant is my companion] there is a lot of interest and a good story set within it, and what makes that story so terrific and its director is very much in it. It was well-taught that your friends could take it on-line with the leader of the Haathi Mere Saathi and share it with your friends. Answer and share.

Now you tell friends what language Haathi Mere Saathi within which this movie will be released This movie is releasing within India and its language is Lenny legitimate elephants with me Movie language Language is Tamil and Hindi Movie Leader has told you friends and inside Turkey you will find friends and also within the default language.

Now you tell friends what Haathi Mere Saathi whose release is the first trailer and what are the superstars inside it means who are the heroes and all this stuff with the data you tell friends. So your friends can know in full detail what [elephant is my partner] in which topic is the movie becoming and inside it is the Conseillet Concierge Language All the things you’ll find information for friends. and more information


Haathi Mere Saathi bollywood movie 2020 Story

The film was produced when Prabhu Suleiman wanted to bring the issue of elephant abuse to the public. Anki Krishnan, an elephant who played a role in Kamki 2, is also playing an important role in the film.

Rana Diggobetti devoured 15kg for these films by eating vegetarian food for six weeks.

Makers initially announced Kalki Cochlein to play a role in the film, however, they were replaced by Sharia Pulgaonkar.


Haathi Mere Saathi Official trailer | Rana Daggubati | Prabu Solomon | Pulkit Samrat | Shriya | Zoya



Haathi Mere Saathi bollywood movie 2020 Release date

Yes Friends Haathi Mere Saathi Movie Releasing On 2 April 2020 Within India And The Language That Is Tamil Turkey Aid Hindi And Also In Different Languages Your Friends Are Gonna Get This Movie


Haathi Mere Saathi bollywood movie 2020 cast list

Rana Daggubati

as Bandev, a jungle man who lives with elephants


Vishnu Vishal

as Singa (Tamil and Telugu versions), a mahout


Pulkit Samrat

as Shankar (Hindi version)


Shriya Pilgaonkar

as Arundhati


Zoya Hussain

as Arvi



Paras Arora

Rajiv Kachroo

Master Jayaditya

Ankit Sagar (Hindi version)

Robo Shankar (Tamil version)

Raghu Babu (Telugu version)

Bhuvan Arora

Avantika Chauhan

Ashwin Raja

Tinnu Anand



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