Indie-Aesthetic 3d Video Effect Editor for TikTok

Indy is an aesthetic video and photo editor. Want easy access to cool glitter effects, 90s glossy vhs effects, and standalone style kids filters too? Want to get more likes to your posts? Download indie and get the best file editing experience. Now edit the dizzi story for your unique preset video with Indy.

[Extremely clear camera format]
Do you like that the original camera doesn’t have filters and effects, and the results for photos and videos aren’t good enough? Also, I don’t think the cameras in other apps are clear enough. Choose indie to solve all the problems.
You can choose Indy to take photos and record videos with retro effects and filters. The best network effects and filters and clear camera mode are waiting for you.

[Common general image effects for video and images]
Itter Brightness: You can create unique brightness and crisp effects by adjusting the amount and color, which is completely customizable for Android users.
HVHS: Have you downloaded multiple VHS video editors but still can’t get the desired 90 error results? Use indie to create your own old style story.
Miami: Create your own videos and photos from a purple setting. Get it easily from your Android device.
omo limo: Get the best leak light styling!
Movie: The influence of fashion movie style and cinema. No one can do better than us in these disposable film style effects.
ola Polaroid: Eliminate Polaroid with Super Indy.
More cool effects will soon be available for indie users.

[Aesthetic and warm filter]
-100+ IG style advance. Indie Kid, Beach, Urban, Pastel Orange, Morendy …
– Follow trends and the latest updates
View your notes and provide filters of your choice!

[Stay active with music and sound]
Please enjoy the special music we bring you, you can just find this cool cool music, and animate your boring photos and videos!

[Cutting your edited photos is easier on social media]
Crop your photos and videos to the official size of the social platform: In, Tick Tock, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Download indie and get more fans from social networks. Become the ultimate video maker and photo maker. Share with your masterpiece friends directly on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, Twitter etc. to become a shining pocket video star.


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