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Improve your game! Head to Jazz Discount Market and take advantage of amazing deals and discounts at your favorite food and online stores. In addition, the jazz discount market offers free daily information and the opportunity to win free meals.

You name it, we have it. Restaurants, salons, spas, clothing stores, tech gadgets, shoes and more, the Jazz Discount Market covers everything you want. Notably, the Jazz Discount Market now offers free data in every way. By successfully creating the profile, you will get 100 free MBs of friends, 200 friends from your friend invitation and by completing the 7 day challenge you can get free data on daily basis and earn up to 150 MB Do.

In addition to the free MBs, there are other reserves in the jazz discount market. Like MBS, once you create your profile and invite a friend, you can get 100 coins and 200 coins respectively. Playing our 7 day challenge is another way to get this precious coin. Your hard-earned coins will pave the way for many special prizes such as free food vouchers, exciting flash deals and much more.

Free of charge: There is no charge for downloading, searching, and subscribing. The app is absolutely free
Get rid of one click: You can get rid of just one tap of your finger! Just choose a restaurant / brand and instantly get a discount code on your screen. Show it to the brand and by going here, you get a discount.
Unlock SMS Deal: Don’t have Wi-Fi access? Not 3G / 4G? no problem! The benefit of our deals and discounts can also be availed via SMS, just send to Dell Word 5005!
More delivery: Now you get your favorite food deals at your door.
Data free data and coins.
ush push notifications: Receive discount notifications on your phone from someone else and stay up to date on the latest offers.
Lots of discounts: Lots of deals and discounts.

Major service categories:
Food transactions
وګورئ View deals
Online store deals
If the style of life

How to get deals and discounts?
1. Search through deals and discounts in the app
2. Go to your favorite restaurant / shop
3. Show the app When you’re done, click the “Receive Discount” button and enjoy your deal.

Absolutely free! If you can’t believe it, try it yourself!

We are constantly getting better!
I love it. Please leave a review. The Jazz Discount Market Deals and Discounts app is updated regularly and adds new bids. If we have any ideas, opinions and guidelines for you, please consult.

what’s new
XUX / UI fixes
board Various new brands on board
I also include gaming
Free data and coins added
• Free meals added
برخه Includes video section


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