Manual Camera : DSLR Camera Professional (Procam) full latest version free download


Manual Camera : DSLR Camera Professional (Procam)

This Manual Camera DSLR application will change your phone into capable camera like, with totally manual camera control on ISO, screen speed, presentation, manual fixation and another feature like a specialist camera, which can convey your versatile photography to the accompanying level. Take the best catch of your photo and even record your video in 4K UHD objectives.

☆ DSLR Camera HD Professional essential features : ☆

✓ Control introduction

✓ Control white adjustment

✓ Manual ISO *

✓ Manual focus *

✓ Control screen speed *

✓ Save RAW photo *

✓ Real time channel/concealing effect

✓ 4K camera narrative (on reinforced devices)

✓ Timelapse/speedy development video

✓ Slow development video *

✓ Set video layout rate and bit rate

✓ Intervalometer/break shot

✓ Geotagging

✓ Photo venturing

* Require Android 5.0+ with Camera2API enabled by phone produce

It’s an extraordinary brisk camera application, perform quickly giving your snappy camera execution which can take various photographs at some between time in burst mode, incredibly supportive for making stop development or time sneak past video

Have photos with different effects and another ace hd camera star features like manual presentation lock, manual ISO, white equality, hd camera expert system see, splendid extent grid, etc and land at the most critical degree of dslr photography with this dslr camera capable.

DSLR Camera Professional additional features :

* Burst camera application with configurable deferment to make stop development or make time sneak past video

* Face revelation/facial affirmation

* Front back hd camera proficient assurance, save rough photo simply using back camera

* Professional camera hd features: Scene mode, focus mode, burst mode, concealing effects, white evening out, and manual introduction lock, manual ISO.

* Choose to and 4k video quality and objectives.

* 4K camera annal (With optional sound record) like capable camera hd

* Option to murder the shade sound.

* GUI to alter the course quickly works in any direction.* Adjustable volume keys (picture to zoom get or change the presentation compensation).

* Excellent and speedy camera/burst camera hd execution

* Remote control (optional sound beginning) clock (with configurable deferment) modified repeat mode.

* Customable volume keys to perform smart action like dslr camera application

* HD camera feature to change screen speed

* Manual Focus like DSLR camera halide

* HD camera feature to pick manual ISO like procam halide

* Manual Exposure

* Location concentrating on incorporate

* Remove with multi-contact flag and single-contact control.

* Option to jolt the photo or 4k video in picture or scene course.

* 4K video account on reinforced contraption, change your phone into 4k camera application

* Realtime Photo Filter on procam halide

* Photo Grid : 4K camera line, splendid distribute line

* Disable the shade sound/calm camera mode when take photo or record 4k video

* Optional GPS territory marking (geotagging), photos and chronicles; For photos that compass heading contains.

* A date and time stamp on photos, rough photo, territory encourages and executes a custom book.

* (Some) outside collector support.

* Manual focus division; manual ISO/iso dslr photography ;

manual camera presentation lock; RAW (DNG) records on front back manual camera

* Manual ISO/iso manual or basically balance ISO ( set iso manual )

* Flash mode incorporate like procam halide

* Save,=JPG,-and,=RAW,-Photo,=for,-DSLR,=photography,

* Brightness/introduction setting

* Burst camera mode significant for making time sneak past or stop development which required between time shooting

* Unlock phone manual camera capable ability to record at 4k camera on reinforced contraptions

Each and every all out part like dslr photography packaged in minimal decreased gauge and clean interface,

Download this master camera hd and start record your 4k video

Note :

To use all manual camera features you need device with Android 5.0 and up which is support camera2 API, you will understand that your device is maintained in case you can find “enable camera2api” decision in setting menu.


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