The Pak Air Force lost a great brave pilot today

Clean air
Today a great brave pilot lost billions of rupees can retrieve F16. We could not buy brave pilots like wing commander Noman Akram Shaheed by spending trillions of rupees.
This is no ordinary accident. This is a great tragedy. Not everyone knows about Wing Commander Nauman Akram Shaheed.
You were the best pilot in the world. Recently you took the Sharifkan Trophy. One of the 100 men is chosen.


He is not an ordinary man and it is not uncommon for jet fighters to fly.
It’s easy to talk JF17 Thunder is extremely difficult to fly at 6 km per second, Katie becomes a pilot after hard work.
Today, we are just listening on TV. A Pakistani jet fighter plane crashed in Islamabad. Just sorry, so sad and so much damage. We cannot even estimate how much damage was done.

There is no talk of loss and money here. Talking about a precious leader, Neyman Akram Shaheed, the arrested Wing Commander Nayman Akram Shaheed in Kamal Bahadari in Kamal Bahadur, a precious traitor.
Some do not suppose that the morale of our princes has diminished, but the strength and will have been strengthened.

May Allah Almighty grant Shaheen the success and success in every field and bestow Shaheed Wing Commander Noman Akram in Paradise Al-Firdaus and give patience to the survivors.
Mujahid Markhor.

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