Success Story of Beautiful Pakistani News Anchors | pakistani news anchor female

Success Story of Beautiful Pakistani News Anchors pakistani news anchor female

Everyone watches the news on TV But have you ever said these things? Note that this news anchors Why don’t you wear a scarf on your head Only beautiful girls news on TV Why do these seem to fall? What was the salary of pakistani news anchor? And TV channel with them What do you do today?

Terrible media faces in the article You will be warned but If you haven’t seen our channel yet if you haven’t to nowBy pressing the subscription to us and For our website Fubar News Visit dot com news When an ordinary girl on the channel if it goes to become an anchor How did you interview him?

Goes and what demands on it Applied friends today we The things I am going to tell you They know us through authentic means There is a lot of media today Horrible face exposure There are so many things to know Found about the media we do not know when you will hear like me you will go and maybeYou also get a job in media cut as much as in the media girls or boys news casterBe it hosts or at some level Whose hairstyles are nicheWhose house to stay in the company and would give a car to come and go Millions of rupees besides that Salary and many other things But is he a newscaster?

So gives or some other reason I have a friend who has media told and he said that you Make an article and those faces Expose me after hearing all this I was shocked and upset too thought you, surprised friends, to be done and about media May

it happens to you too because so much there are things that ordinary people know it doesn’t happen two years ago when a friend of mine knows the girl is a newscaster in the media I had applied for all of them but it met the requirements still put him on stand by Gone and did not give any reason

Gaya told him to wait and Give Hafiz work for about twenty days understand work in office work and He felt that a lot of peopleThe girls is noticing him thought I might not So there will be a few notes only for meeting him later in the day he was called and told that if You do the job of newscaster you want,

there are some rules those who have to follow didn’t deny and said whatever there are rules I follow them I will do it, he said that you first listen to the rules they said that the clothes you give us you will have to wear them to speak that will be what we will give you the script you will be where we are they will keep you and you will do that What we will tell you will happen first is a test that is clear to you

If you have passed If you can do the job the day after tomorrow Know what was in the test without your whole body in the testThe clothes had to show their figure The shape of was to be shown because People will be attracted to see you or Not because most that is why people channel news seems to cool the eyes very beautiful girl for sitting pakistani news anchor

if you guys a little look carefully and you will realize that Any girl would wear a scarf on her head His hair will not be seen style and their dressing so fit There will be all the scales of the body Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally He said that whatever the producer Will say you have to do the same on this let’s go into a little detail that What will the producer say?

Success Story of Beautiful Pakistani News Anchors

The producer will indirectly say this That we are with you physically Want to make a relation about this let’s do a little that he did all these Many girls have done something Takes more to make their own when he came to this field, he did say with thirty people so far Physically related And she says where there is so much dirt that no milk Anything that goes up is not washed Wants him this way

We have to go here for merit Finds because first It is known only in the interview That boy or girl in this field Can walk or not walk and so on The script is also ready for him That’s all you have to say after seeing it not everything is difficult in advance Only ready and especially if someone wants a promotion, then so be it The nights of politicians are colorfulSponsorship has to be created To achieve,

pakistani news anchor

the media separated If the girls are kept fromAny sponsorship The company said to send it to him Have to send because Politicians and those with similar power People select only after watching TVWhether you like this girl or not like and whatever they like they get silver and that’s

the reason is that newscasters came one day Changes happen and girls Had to do all this by then Until they have their own identity this is the situation everywhere the place is twenty-four industry mallsHotels are big corporations may this be the case in every fieldSeeing all this is a strange thing this is what is happening the market for greed is hot everywhere Whoever gets the opportunity is

the opportunity don’t let go of the hand because these people are human but there are many that are what I would like to say in the endThat Allah is for all of us MuslimsGive instructions and this news anchor also instruct that these girls wear a scarf on your head

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