Top 5 Most Famous Thug Pakistani Celebrities 2021

Top 5 Most Famous Thug Pakistani Celebrities 2021

Do the elders say that the infamous Joe If so, isn’t his name? Will be? So some of these women We will tell you about it today Who gained a lot of fame But this fame, if anything With a lot of respect in the circles Some people of the country are seen There are those who oppose them I’m ready to shake my head Look. And that’s what made them Declared his reputation controversial Is.

Number five is Malala Yousafzai.Pakistani Celebrities

Malala Yousafzai belongs to Pakistan Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Is from Swat. And children and women One of them regarding education Known as an activist and Is recognized. And they did Education of girls in your area Raised the voice for. October  In two thousand and fifteen my friends Taliban going to school with Of bullets from them Targeted for treatment He was taken to the UK going.

Where the idea of ​​safety later They have regular citizenship there Also gone. After that two thousand and fourteen, I also rewarded them with a prize Blessed them all over the world With great respect and dignity Seen but of Pakistan A large circle of people There are those who believe that their All that happened together Already by Western powers There were plans and they were in Khyber The condition of Pakhtun Khaw women Due to misrepresentation Has been so honoured.

No. 4 Sherman Obaid Chennai.Pakistani Celebrities

Sherman Obaid Sindhi belongs to Karachi. A Pakistani journalist filmmaker And are activists. They are women To raise voice for the rights of Is known. In this regard Documentaries made by him Is popular all over the world They are one of the few in the world Occurs twice in women who Have received Academy Awards. At the same time, Pakistan’s high The most civil honours are also halal distinctions Have received.

All of them Despite the success of the Pakistani people There is also a large circle of friends Who believe that their films I was embarrassed by Obaid Chaney The face of Pakistani women The situation is not so precise Every other woman in Pakistan is acid Or not being sexually abused And in front of the westerners Present this picture of Pakistani women By doing so, he made Pakistan good Didn’t get the impression. That’s why people Sharmeen Obaid Chennai declared Matna Give.

Number three Reham Khan. Pakistani Celebrities

Reham Khan’s count of Pakistan It happens in women that they have one Many Pakistanis in the past Blessed with love. That’s when it happened When their marriage Pakistan Tehreek Justice leaders and present With Prime Minister Imran Khan Happened. This short-lived marriage Soon the divorce was over Done. That after the end of the marriage Imran Khan on behalf of Reham Khan Due to the immorality of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf They are obstructed by the people Taken in hand and social

The media made every accusation worse Answered. After that The book that he worshipped was written as a past Imran Khan’s close associates and Very embarrassing on Imran Khan Allegations were made. This further enhances his controversial reputation The wind blew and Pakistan for them Advent made it impossible. Reham Khan is one by profession Journalists are filmmakers and writers. Reham, born in Libya By marrying Khan Imran Khan Was also relevant earlier. And their She also has three children from her first husband Were.

No.2: Mahesh Hayat. Pakistani Celebrities

Well known Actress Mahesh Hayat who is present in Pakistan’s most successful of the era Is the heroine of movies and Punjab Will not go load wedding and In movies like Actor in Law Have shown. Besides that In many successful Pakistani dramas She has also been a part of films From Board Views on Item Songs Full dance also made him famous And to the heights of success Played an important role in delivery Is.


But at the same time, The controversy began when He ruled in two thousand and nineteen Go to Pakistan Medal of Distinction from Nab Was awarded. A big one of the people The circle believes that Mahesh Life is right for this honour There was no choice and they had it Honors to them instead of their merits Given the influence of Is.

Number one Mesha Shafi: Pakistani Celebrities

Maroof Singer Mesha Shafi who Equally popular among Pakistanis Were. Controversial news at the moment Part of it was when they met Fellow singers under Moment Ali Zafar sexually harassed Charged. His accusation Pakistanis in two factions Divided. One of which Ali Zafar constituency found guilty Gives. And their sympathies Mesha is with Shafi but the court Defamation of Ali Zafar by No evidence in reply in case of Some people can do this too It is believed that Mesha Shafi killed Ali These allegations against Zafar are of some benefit Were planted to get. Hope you like this video Of course there will be a liking. To video Like Share. Please comment. And if you still have ours If you have not followed the website Now click the follow


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