Pashto Naats

This app (Pashto Naats) includes about 350 audio naats.
Pashto Naats requires an internet connection to listen to the Naats.
If you want to hear your favorite Naat or Aeritst voice, please mention it in the comments.
Do not forget to pray for us.

(Artist) Adjective Juanes and include:
Hafez Abdel Hamid Bakhto Natuna
Ismatullah Jarrar Pashto Nats
Hafiz Fahd Shah Nats
Hafez Farouk Saber
Hidayat Shah Sayal
Beautiful Fanny Pashto Nats
Nasrallah Baba Nutona
Nazia Iqbal Nats
Sinan Ahmed Mashoum
Shan Yousafzai
Hafez Suhail Ahmed Mashoum
Lifetime of rotational life
Zulfiqar Mujahid Natuna
Mixed nats


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