Selfie Camera for iPhone 11 – iCamera IOS 13

Try this awesome selfie camera for iPhone and iPhone 11 and enhance your selfie, or take an amazing panorama photo with the iPhone 11 camera – selfie camera for iPhone 11.

Are you an iPhone 11 camera (iCamera iOS 13) fan?
Are you looking for a selfie camera for iPhone 11 for your Android phone?
Want your phone with an iOS 13 camera like the iPhone XI.
IPhone 11 Camera – Selfie Camera for iPhone 11 is here for you!

IPhone 11 Camera – iOS 13 iCamra is very easy to use with a friendly interface and easy to use for those who are fond of many products. Even people who use the Android operating system never use the ios 13 operating system selfie camera phone 11 – the iOS 13 camera will be much happier to use.

Selfie Camera Create the best selfie for iPhone 11, add Filter Camera HD to dramatize mode. Create stunning panorama images by choosing a panorama camera and never miss a beautiful scene again. Unlike other HD selfie cameras, the iCamera iOS 13 is unique in design and effort value, making it the potential best selfie camera app to replace your default camera app.

The camera has all the b-features including iOS 13 – selfie camera and panorama camera packaged in a small size application that will not have large storage of the phone.

iCamera iOS 13 B: Camera for iPhone 11:

Panorama camera hd
Selfie camera for iPhone 11 can create amazing panorama photos in high resolution with smart panorama camera mode

Square shape:
Ikemra iOS 13 also offers a sharp square image. The square image is very beautiful. Custom photo selfie camera.

Figure B format:
Ikemara: Selfie camera for iPhone 11 provides instant photography. Camera Phone 11 can easily take beautiful portrait photos with your help

Dual camera support
The Camera Phone X can detect your dual camera lens, easily pass between your rear camera, front camera and wide-angle lens

★ Time lapse video
Selfie Camera for iPhone 11 Record interesting videos over time in various resolutions, which you make yourself

HD HDR image processing
Take the best selfie HD camera in backlight with advanced HDR imaging processing

Time to time filter
Camera iOS 13 uses real-time filters in this beautiful camera to make your photo more dramatic through context.

★ Face diagnosis
Camera Phone X can identify your face using the latest photo recognition

Easy and clean UI
We design this beautiful HD camera to make it easy for everyone to use. Carefully designed with a focus on a simple interface and easy user experience, make it easy for everyone to use.

Amy and Camera Further Advances to the iPhone 11 – Selfie Camera for the iPhone 11
* Camera style phone 11
Appeal camera
The best camera app for the phone
✓ AutoFlash has / face / option for the user.
ICamra for phone XR
Panorama camera hd
MI camera IP camera filter camera configuration for photos, videos and much more.
See the latest picture right now. 13 of us go to the album to see another on Ikemira.
Save camera-saved photos like OS 13.
✓ Next – Turn off the sound in the sound camera.
Enjoy the joy of the Apple camera on your Android phone.
Take pictures with favorite camera, front camera, rear camera.
Alarm photos with 3s and 5s.
OS 9 or OS 10 style IP camera OS 9 filter camera image, with military filter.
High quality image size, you can shoot photo HD.
ث Record Video Square, Video HD.
* Phone XS camera
Easily record video with 1 button.

Download iOS 13: iPhone 11 Camera – Install a selfie camera for iPhone 11 and join in the fun! More exciting jobs coming soon!
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