The greatest people | عظیم ترین لوگ

The greatest people | عظیم ترین لوگ

“The greatest people”

Former Deputy Commissioner Zhangratullah Shahab of Zhang District writes in his own “Shahab Nama”:
Rahmat-e-Allahi, a teacher at a primary school in Rojang came to my office. He was about to retire after a few months.
She had three young daughters, who didn’t even have a home to live. The pension would be very modest ‘he was wondering where he would stay after retirement.
How will girls get married ‘How will food cost? He told me in secret that he had been crying in the courtyard of Allaah for many months in a state of anxiety.
A few days ago, he had a pilgrimage to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) in his dream.
At first I suspected that this person was trying to blackmail me emotionally by having a false dream.
Seeing the signs of suspicion and hesitation on my face, the mercy of Allah was overturned and he said, ‘I am not lying in the Lord’

If I was lying, I would probably speak in the name of God, but how can I lie in the name of the Holy Prophet?
Hearing this, I was not completely relieved but thought
That even if this person is using false statements, he is resorting to the blessings of such a great entity.
It is our duty to keep the lodge. So I asked Rehmat-e-Allah to come back after three weeks.
During this time I secretly researched his personal circumstances and this was confirmed
That he is very famous in his area is a ‘pure and chaste man’ and his domestic situation is exactly what he described.
For some time, the provincial government had given this authority to the Deputy Commissioners
That the government arid could afford such long-term up to eight square feet of land
Who are willing to settle them. I called my wealth officer, Ghulam Abbas, and asked him to find eight such squares of Crownland in a suitable place
Those who do not have any particular difficulty in cultivating sooner. The revenue officer probably thought that he might want to give some of his loved ones in the land
۔ As he watched, he found a semi-settled land near a paved road
And hand over all the papers to me in the necessary action of the Allotment in the name of the Divine Mercy.
So I presented this offering in his service and handed it over to the Revenue Officer to help him take possession of it and fulfill all other needs. ‘

Almost 9 years later, working with the Field Marshal General Ayub in Karachi, I received a registered letter in the Presidency.
(In that time, Pakistan’s headquarters was Karachi instead of Islamabad). It was from Master Rahmat Elahi that he married three daughters by working hard on this land.
And they are happy in their own homes. He has also performed the obligatory Hajj with his wife. ‘Apart from buying a bit of private land for his living and living, he has also built a rough kotha.
In this prosperity he no longer needs eight squares’, so all the papers of this allotment are returned with this letter.
So as to meet the needs of another needy. After reading this letter I have been in the shack for some time ‘
I was so gummed that President Pakistan came to my room to talk
“What are you thinking?” They asked.
‘There was silence for a while then they suddenly spoke. You have done a very good job
۔ I call the Governor of Lahore to give this land to you now. ‘

On hearing that I do not deserve this award, President Pakistan said that you have no interest in getting agricultural land.
“No sir” I pleaded.
In the end, only two yards from the ground for the tomb, ‘they say nowhere’ are found in some way.

Readers! The five roles of this incident are not present among us today, but the role of Rahmat Divine, a primary teacher of Jhang, is a downfall for all of us.

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