Most Popular and Famous Pakistan Top 9 Tik Tokers | Top 9 Tik Tok Star | Top 9 Tik Tokers in Pakistan

Most Popular and Famous Pakistan Top 9 Tik Tokers | Top 9 Tik Tok Star

How many top nine Tik Tokers of Pakistan Earn?

Tik Tok Star Dolly Fashion

Top Nine Tik Tokers These Pakistan No.  Dolly Fashion. Friends Pakistan’s most famous The team at number nine in the Tik Tokers Fashion comes. Tik Tok videos Dolly fashion’s own before making There was a ladies salon. Dolly’s relationship It is from Lahore and it is beautiful Eyes and your heart deceiving hair Are very popular because of. Dolly The real name of fashion is Hamira Asghar. She is also a professional model And also a model in some songs There are grinders. Also their Mac You also have a school where this Gives girls make-up training Are. So that those girls also earn something Be the support of your family To be able to.

Five on Dolly’s tick-tock The index has five million followers and These actors also do well. That’s why other newcomers Tick ​​Tuckers video with them Are thirsty to make. Dolly one One lakh sponsored video making Receive up to Rs. Some people even doubt Dolly Fashion is actually a eunuch There are heads but this is not confirmed Is. What did you guys do about it? Have an opinion below the video Please let us know. No. Take eight flowers. Friends of Pakistan

Tik Tok Star Phoolllu

Number eight among the biggest Tik Tokers On thePhoolllu an introduction No need. Friends,  years old Phoolllu real name is Tauqeer Abbas. Phoolllu is the best example of this That when the human heart is soft and the intention If it is clear, then God is good to it Rewards. Sometime before today One in Pahlu Mandi Bahauddin He was a farmer and on people’s lands Used to earn a living. Someone did it People’s tick talk on mobile Show videos of the side The artist inside also woke up. I don’t know how to make flowers mobile There was no account on Tik Tak Came to make. A friend of his Made it to this account. To the fruit, while working in the field If you get free time, it’s on Tik Tak Used to make videos.

The reason for its fame is its simplicity Here are the videos in which he The Englishman’s leg is broken. Friends, What is the place of fame today? The longing of the people for this Go away from the world. of that Style Hello sisters now Brothers loved the world very much and this Views in millions of each video Go. The flu is so popular today Many singers have flowered Just because of his songs Videos in the future They also get fame. If you to Fans of flower smiles like us If so, today’s video of the talk show Definitely give alike. Friends Pahlo is currently a sponsored video One lakh to one and a half lakh to be made Receives up to. At this time of the year, Five indexes have four million followers And now it lives in Dubai.

Tik Tok Star Sehar Hayat

Number Seven Sehar Hayat Friends Number There are only seven good lives Five index seven million on Tik Tak There are followers. The reason for their fame Is the beauty of It’s magic, man Make dance videos. This Also on Sehar Movie Dialogues Lips also do. Of dawn Except for Pakistan There are also in other countries. Apart from Pakistan Videos outside Pakistan too Are knitting. Sahar Hayat is a sponsor Two to three lakh video makers Receive up to Rs Their only source of income. Also, women’s clothing The big brands of them all the time Stay in touch Therefore They also have to wear new clothes Keep meeting and in it, there is no shortage. You coming In the days of Sahar, many Pakistanis Also watch some TV dramas, Will.

Tik Tok Star Alishba Anjum

Number six Alishba Anjum. Friends Number six is ​​Alishama Anjum With the love of their loved ones Also called lashes. Alishba’s tick Six indexes three million on talk There are followers. Alfa Anjum Pakistan From the beautiful city of Faisalabad Belong. His older sister Janat Mirza is even bigger than them He is a star and nowadays he is a hit Are also becoming quite popular. The reason for her fame is Alishba Innocent face and their charm There are hot eyes. Of course, more Watering Modeling Lips  Adjust time Make.

Relationship with your sister Jannat Not yet up to Mirza’s level Arrived but also so beautiful There are big clothing brands Walk back and forth between them. Suspicion of making a sponsored video Three to three and a half lakh rupees Picks up. Alishba just ticked Not only the star but also on Instagram Also more than eight lakh of them There are followers. Right to number five Friends at

Tik Tok Star Areeka Haq

number five from Karachi The right of belonging belongs to Hari Are. Mostly slow on Gatorade talk Makes motion videos. The United States More than six million tok There are followers. They are from Pakistan Also to be beautiful Tik Tok Is honoured. But many people According to the United States only make-up So beautiful in the videos on the bill See and in real life, There are no such. The United States, on the other hand, Says he is more public Doesn’t appear because People outside their home do not let go.

One on American Instagram The index has four million followers That’s the tick of all There are more Instagram followers. America to be so beautiful Because of the brands around the world They go around giving commercials but America does them. The United States It doesn’t work for them Belonging to eating and drinking family Is.

Tik Tok Star Usman Asim

Number four is Usman Asim. Friends at number four on our list Belonging to Wazirabad Usman Asim comes. Usman I. There were shopkeepers at his shop Tik Tok videos Also keep making. Friends say That when a person has a special talent If so, make your own way Takes and supports someone Not required. Tick ​​Usman The world’s largest talk show Not wrong to be called a comedian Will be. Some of his videos are so It is ridiculous that they are called Pakistan Besides many other countries Viewed more. Like fruit Usman is also an innocent grandfather Are human beings and have a pure heart There are human beings. That’s why they enjoy the video for all children and adults Do. Usman’s tick at that time Seven index four million on talking That’s why they have followers Big channels their TV shows I am also going to invite now Are. His pure intention and sincerity of heart Due to the big showbiz stars Are also their addicts. Usman I. Four lakh sponsored video making Charge more than.



No. Three lotus sun friends Pakistan Number one of the biggest tik talkers But the lotus sun comes and theirs Subscribe before going into detail By pressing the button and the bell Talk show by clicking the icon Be a part of the family. Kanwal is probably the first star Already working on social media And TikTok them Not much time to be famous Felt. TikTok ​​to the lotus Also called a cute girl. Lotus Popular website of Urdu Point They also work as hosts And the day will come when the people will be restored Interview picks are also visible. His innocent and cute face Due to their Tik Tok eight million More followers than that so cute Whatever clothes they wear Bow down to them. that is why Their whole month of clothes big In modelling for big brands Passes. Connolly also on Instagram Has more than, followers And such a large following It is also good to cash them. Lotus is one of the four sponsored videos Lakh and a shoot of modelling Charge up to three lakhs. No. Two Zulqarnain Sikandar friends Gujarat Zulqarnain belonging to Alexander is the most famous of Pakistan Coming in at

Tik Tok Star Zulqunain Sikandar

number two on Tik Tokers Is honoured. Friends from Gujarat This guy belongs a lot Is a good actor. This time is not far away When you call it the largest in Pakistan Channel drama series or any Hero in a big-budget movie See also in character. Zulqarnain is the best in Pakistan Talented Tik tok Numbers Is achieved. Available on the Afghani list All the girls are just beautiful Of hair or your beautiful face Have become famous for a reason but Zulqarnain Sikandar he There are jewels which Not in crores but Will be in the billions. His acting One minute video of people too Assures him that Young people in dramas or movies Should come.

That is why Zulq Ours with eight million followers Second on the list and Most followers in Pakistan There are boys who have. Pakistan All in all the tick tackers I have More videos from Zulqarnain to date Have been viewed. Zulqarnain In all the tick tackers of Pakistan The most expensive clothing modelling There are Tik tok. It’s a brand Charging up to one million for modelling Are. While sponsoring video making Take five to eight million. Friends if you understand that Someone else tickled them too Video is more talented Let us know in the comments section below Be sure to share feedback. heaven Mirza. Friends, Pakistan’s

Tik Tok Star Janat Mirza

number one The essence of being Tik Tok is to Janat Mirza Goes to Total Tik Tok The eight indexes have three million followers. Friends, people of Faisalabad always Possessing an artistic nature Are understood. And Faisalabad This belongs to Janat Mirza The thing proves to be true. Janat Mirza The first Tik Tok in Pakistan Are one of the beginners. One million on his Instagram too Has more followers. Janat Mirza The famous tiktoker Alishba Anjum Big sister, she is beautiful At the same time, he acted Are also very good. that is why Big clothing brands to them Ask for money for every modelling shoot Give.


Heaven is a modelling discount Charges of more than one million Are. Heaven is one in the last few days Also a great contribution year Hunted when someone took their mobile Remove some personal videos from Put it on the internet. Some people He also says that he This chief to become more famous Publicity stunts are played. This decision We leave it to you. In the comments Let us know what you think Please. If friends like the video WhatsApp and fees by liking it


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