Who touched my phone? Who unlocked tried to unlock

The application will record those who will use their phone with the front camera in background mode, invisible to the user. You will see who, when and what has done to your favorite device while you are not paying attention to it.

How does it work?
1) Open the application and click the button. Then close the application and lock your device;
2) Unlock the user’s device or try to do so. The application starts recording a report (image, list of started applications);
3) The screen is ejected from the device. The application saves the report. And so;
4) The user tries to unlock the device multiple times. The application saves the report.
5) Explore your reports in the app. Set up cloud sync.

This app uses the device administrator permission. The application needs the device administrator rights to search for invalid unlock attempts. Android only detects the password or pattern as wrong if it contains at least 4 numbers / letters or pattern dots.

Device administrator must be disabled before uninstalling the application.

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